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A new space for Giorgetti in the Bavarian capital: the long-established dealer Böhmler opened a renovated and large showroom on 13th March 2014, thanks to the expansion of the store in the city centre. One of the main brands offered, Giorgetti occupies a leading position with a large display covering surface area of about 100 square metres. The space is divided into a dining area, featuring the Fang table in the rectangular version, surrounded by Diana chairs, and facing the Fabula sofa and armchairs, all dove-grey. In addition there is a bedroom area with the Altea bed in the centre, the Morfeo bedside tables at its sides and the Yang chest of drawers which with the Narcisse mirror, gives the room a touch of brightness.

Giorgetti and Böhmler have in common tradition and the contemporary and they have created an exclusive area and the main point of reference for modern furnishing in Munich.

Source : www.giorgetti.eu