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Pivot partitions focus on the characters of use flexibility and transformation capability, typical of contemporary interiors. They were devised by the Decoma Design team to enrich with new nuances the relationship between the rooms making up a home and a workplace.
Pivot partitions are large mobile wings which, by rotating around a hinge, act now as a door, now as a partition wall, now as a closing element of a bookcase or of a cabinet.
Furnishing elements with a multiplicity of functions take on variable roles, satisfying the changing requirements of the people who live there: closing, screening, splitting, but also connecting the rooms in a new, more dynamic relationship. A mechanism entirely housed in the core of every panel, and a unique patented technology enable a complete, silent rotation movement, with the possibility of stopping every 90°, and an un-invasive anchorage method which does not compromise floorings and ceilings.
The bearing structure - a filled panel with a thickness of 6 cm - moreover enables complete customising of the partitions in both height and width, to provide total adaptability for every architectural solution.

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