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Storage Iron

Storage is a complete programme designed to be functional and practical. It is able to hold and show different items by changing from cupboard to walk-in closet. It can efface itself in small rooms and in the meantime it helps creating original living sets in large rooms. The unobtrusive and elegant hinged, folding, pullout sliding and sliding doors hide Mongoi equipped insides, a suggestive and emotional finish in contrast to the contemporary imperturbability of external white surfaces. The rich Mongoi outfitting liven the walk-in closet with its basic frame held up by bright aluminium drafts. Storage gets through every dimension barrier and it satisfies every organizational and stylistic need by its new concept. In 2007 Storage is enriched by 3 new closing possibilities: the new coplanar electric leaves, which make the opening movement even handier and quicker; the new leaves in transparent glass enclosed in a thin iron profile. The latter are a practical protection, enabling, at one and the same time, a perfect view of the interior, sought after by those who prefer the open wardrobe and the walk-in closet types. Finally there is the new combination with the Porro partitions, used to create a protective screen which hides the most secret and private part of the house - he one set aside for the wardrobe, bestowing the living areas with new dynamics and multi-level articulation.

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