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System Work

System, a modular arrangement, has traditional open shelving that makes it an essential statement piece for the home or working environment. The new LED lighting transforms it into a wall sculpture, while coloured back panels alternate with open modules in a random pattern. The 33 cm module with its attractive chequered motif offers compact compartments in which to store books or CDs, or display objects, and there is an intermediate module of 49.5 cm. Both modules can be customised with removable drawer-trays (3 per compartment), which add interest to the regular design of System, creating space for those countless little bits and pieces commonly found on bookshelves and giving the attractive result of a more versatile, precise arrangement. To hide some parts of System from view, there is a sliding glass door with iron frame: extreme transparency enclosed by an elegant metal profile. 

Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System enters the home to meet the needs, the personalities, inclinations and lifestyles of those who live there. With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be intelligently adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, or elegantly traditional. Multifunctional and eclectic due to the many functions it provides, System can be used as a bookcase, a module for electronic media, a study area, or even as an element to subdivide rooms and create equipped walls. Inspired by the precision and flexible project capabilities of fine contemporary design, System has a strong and balanced personality that can define room areas in a definitive way while improving their efficiency and appearance. 

This year use in Porro System of a very pale natural wood rich in grains, hemlock, from the forests of North America, responds to an introspective need for naturalness, simplification, return to the origins. Applied in recent years to the essential and ascetic forms of the Minimo table and the Groove bench, takes on a spatial connotation in this modifiable bookcase, characterised by the typical open shelving that make it an indispensable furniture item for the home and the work environment: a light wooden cage that modulates the space with its own regular rhythm. Presented in an imposing two-sided composition with transparent glass doors sliding on two columns, it acts as a backdrop that visually structures, without separating, the open environments onto which it faces. 

The emotional impact of natural wood also renovates the System work version. Compared to the home version, it is more suitable for office folders and containers, thanks to the airier pitch, which envisages five modular heights every 42 cm, 2 different depths and 4 widths. The new version in carbone oak with ladder and metal track with iron finish, in the warm shades of coffee, further highlights its graphic impact. 

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