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Marinomarina 7149 Lo Ri

It was 1927 when Ercole Barovier, to complete the décor of his newborn son Angelo’s room, designed a very special lamp. The little blue and gold man with his arm raised to hold a light bulb and a small lamp shade. The little man never became a commercial product and once Angelo had outgrown his room, the lamp went straight into the showcases of the Barovier&Toso Museum. Nearly a century later, in 2010, Paola Navone fell in love with it: this was the birth of the Marinaretto (a little sailor), a personal reinterpretation in keeping with the BLUEtheme applied for Barovier&Toso in the spaces of the Superstudio in via Tortona in Milan. The Marinaretto was then given a female companion and together they became collector’s items, in a limited edition of just 500 pieces, sold also separately in a custom packaging.Three shades are included: blue, red and white.

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